If your control panel has menu on on the left, please here.

Here is available credit card list.


1. Login to your control panel .

2. Select "Account" from the menu on left.

3. Select "Orders and invoices"

4.  There is unpaid order in "Unpaid" list, check the check box and click "Pay document".


5. Select "Payment Information" and click "PAY".

If you want to use a registered credit card, select registered credit card.

If you want to use a new credit card, select "Credit card". 

1) Input credit card's information and select "Pay *** JPY".
Card Number: Credit card number
CVC: Security code
Name: Credit card name 
Expiry: Expiration date  Month/Year

* If your security code begins with 0, firstly input other number other than the start of security code and rewinds cursor to the start, input 0.

2) If you activate 3D secure authentication, authentication screen displays.

Input registered password information and click "Send". Payment will be completed with entered credit card.